Church Leadership

We’re a relational partner helping churches strengthen their leadership.

The EFCA Southeast team assists churches in strengthening their leadership community by:

  • Helping them to create and sustain healthy and effective leadership teams.
  • Assisting them during times of crisis or transition such as a pastoral change, a re-visioning process, or a time of sudden or unanticipated change.

Our ministry is relational, not programmatic or institutional. EFCA churches are autonomous, yet interdependent; no church needs to be alone.

Because our ministry is relational, we want to be someone:

  • To talk with
  • To offer guidance
  • Who’s been there before
  • Who’s a trusted-friend, third-party, neutral advisor and confidant for developing and implementing strategies for team building among pastors, staff and lay leaders.
  • To help build bridges between team members
  • To help church leaders further grow and develop as leaders and followers of Jesus Christ.
  • To help church leaders see what might be too close for them to see themselves
  • To throw church leaders a lifeline.

Our goal: to help church leaders follow God’s vision and dreams for their unique congregation.

Contact Glen Schrieber for more information.